Karl predates personal computers and got his first indoctrination at American Film Technologies. This is where they colored the black and white films of the Turner film library in the 90’s. That same company was also developing the first digital ink and paint system for animation of which Karl participated. His name appears on credits for “The Magic Paint Brush” and “Gahan Wilson’s Diner” an animated short as well as some Saturday morning cartoons.

In the late 90’s Karl endeavored to produce 3D animations from home under the name One Brush Studio. The animation budgets dried up after the attack on the World Trade Center and Karl continued with building websites which was just starting to become in-vogue.

Karl changed is company name in 2005 to Site Mechanix to be more inline with the type of work he was doing. Over the years he has seen a lot of change on the internet. The best of which was the start of content management systems which he felt put power back into the hands of the business owner. The most exciting of which is the evolution of WordPress as a platform for building websites.

Today Karl is only too glad to discuss your website and graphical needs, to help small businesses navigate the rough terrain of the web.